Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Big League Chew

The first time I laid eyes on the package I knew in my adolescent heart that I had to try it. Shredded bubble gum in a pouch that looked identical to those used for chewing tobacco with a hulking ballplayer that had arms the size of tree trunks staring down a pitcher...that's what bubble gum should look like for kids that loved baseball. As the years have passed I see less and less of Big League Chew in the grocery stores and it's impossible for me to find bubble gum cigars, candy cigarettes and other types of candy from my youth that are politically incorrect today. I'm still a bubble gum fan and it still pains me every time I open a pack of Topps flagship that there isn't that pink sugary strip waiting for me to pop in my mouth and chip a tooth. Since I've always connected baseball cards and bubble gum together dating back to the first time I opened a pack of Topps back in 1986, I had to add a card to my album of amazing showing a player with gum. This 1999 Stadium Club Chan Ho Park fills that need nicely. 

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