Monday, February 27, 2012

Two More in the Can

Today I knocked out two more of my 2012 collecting goals. I grabbed the last two 1993 Flair Wave of the Future insert cards that I needed AND I finally completed my 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen set. I was able to grab the last five short print cards, but wasn't too thrilled that I had to spend $7.50 for the Chase Utley card. Those things are almost impossible to find so I decided to bite the bullet and shell out the money before they were nowhere to be found. Anyway, with those two sets complete, I'll be spending the next month or two trying to complete my 61 and 62 Topps Reds team sets. The one card I'm not looking forward to trying to get is the 1962 Topps #594. While it is the rookie card of Red's catcher Don's also the rookie card of Bob Uecker!!! Ouch!


  1. 1963 and 64 are doozies too...Enter Pete Rose and get ready to spend some money. I still don't have a Pete Rookie card, I found a 64 Pete Rose but in nasty condition, and yes, nasty is a grade.

    1. Yeah, it took me a while to find a Rose Rookie and while it isn't mint condition (has a small surface crease) it's not nasty :) I had a lot better luck with the 64 Rose. It is a little depressing that as I'm getting into the 1950s and earlier, that I'm only able to pick up a few at a time due to commons being a few dollars a piece at minimum. But I guess that's what makes collecting fun. Satisfaction once you get a team set completed.